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We all get calls from recruiters. So how can you tell who the professionals recruiters are are and which ones really have the capability to solve your companies recruiting needs? 

Here is our suggestion. Do what we do, check their references!

We put ours right on this page so you can read what our clients and candidates have said about us.  

What you can expect from PCI


For our clients:

1/ We do not advertise the positions we work on: We recruit only top caliber candidates that are currently in good jobs with good companies… they don’t read job postings.

2/ If we commit to your search we will take the time to understand the requirements of all the stakeholders in the hiring process.

3/ We limit the number of searches that our search consultants work on to a maximum of 5 at any time. This ensures our client’s open positions are getting the attention they need to be filled efficiently.

4/  95-100% of the candidates we present for any search are passive; they have good jobs and need to be recruited.

5/ Quality over speed; We won’t waste our client’s time presenting unqualified candidates just to impress the client with how fast our service is. In fact, it’s going to take us a little extra time; to identify, recruit, interview, and vet our candidates. And even then, they’ll likely need time to update their resumes before we can present them.

6/ Quality over quantity; we value our client's time. Therefore we will present only a short list of the most qualified applicants. This insures that our clients do not waste their time interviewing candidates that we know will not make the cut.

For our candidates:

1/ Your personal information is 100% confidential. We never send out your resume without your prior consent.

2/ Career decisions affect the quality of your life in every way; from how much family time, money, and stress you have, to how prepared you are for the next step in your career. You need a professional who understands your industry, potential career tracks to help you maximize the benefit of any career move.

3/ Our approach is to provide candidates with information about opportunities that make sense for them. It’s always the candidate’s decision to move forward, no pressure.

4/ We will provide guidance through the interview process; we will make sure you understand the process and know what to expect so you can be prepared.



There is nothing better than third party validation! Read what some our clients and candidates have said about us...



" We hired PCI to complete a key search for our company, We needed a CISO and we were struggling to complete it on our own. Stew took the time to understand the requirements of the position through interviewing key stakeholders in the company. Given his understanding of Information Security, his strong network and his diligence in understanding the needs of the company, Stew quickly put forth several high quality candidates for our consideration. Within two months we had found our candidate. We were very pleased with his work and would definitely engage him again"

Steve DeLorenzo,  CFO,  PR Newswire



"I have worked with Stewart for many years and have found him to be one of the brightest and most thoughtful professionals in his trade. What sets Stewart apart is his focus in understanding the needs of his clients and delivering."

Jason Wolin, MD at Maverick Capital



" Stewart was a pleasure to work with when I was looking to hire additional IT professionals into my organization. His diligence really paid off as he was able to provide me with top-notch candidates, several of whom I ultimately hired. I always call Stewart first becasue he really tries to understand our staffing needs and his screening skills are evident in the high quality of the professionals he puts forth to our hiring managers.

I would highly recommend Stewart for any recruiting opportunity or need."

Rod Agona, ScrumMaster, at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.



"Stewart was one of the most professional head hunters I have ever worked with. I am both professionally and personally bettered to have worked with him."

Eric Nissan, Chief Technology Officer at Direct Markets, LLC



"Stewart helped me locate my position at Caxton Associates, introducing me to the investment industry after years of working in banking.

I found Stewart to be a win-win recruiter - he did not treat me like merchandise, as would many other recruiters - rather, he took the time to fully understand my qualifications and desires, and found a perfect match for me - a win for me, for him, and for my employer!"

Victor Grazi, Vice President at Nomura Securities, Oracle Java Champion, Java Editor at InfoQ



"Stewart Koenig of PCI is a seasoned sourcer with extensive experience in the Financial Services industry. He has a strong track record of finding, attracting and closing on high quality talent to fill niche positions across the board . He is well connected and has strong relationships both inside and outside of major financial institutions. He has excellent consulting skills and is an extremely knowledgeable resource who stays abreast of the market and the industry. Stewart's work ethic and professionalism is of the highest standard and he is a pleasure to work with.

Honestly, He really cares about candidates. Take it from me.


Suresh Perera, Vice President



"Stewart Koenig recruited me for JP Morgan in the spring of 2000, and helped me transition from a technical professional to business analyst. As a recruiter, he immediately understood my requirements and got me interviews right away. His communication skills and hard work made it easy to strategize for the interviews and follow up quickly. When the offer finally came I was thrilled. The company was a good match for me with a number of competitive, entrepreneurial possibilities within the organization. I have since referred PCI to several of my colleagues, and now that I am back in the market I have reached out to PCI for their help again."

Aya Shimada, Business Analyst, JP Morgan



"I first met Stew Koenig in 1999, when he placed me as a Sr. PM. At that time, he was one of many recruiters I had spoken with, but Stew quickly proved to be a standout with his sharp industry insights, strong sense of integrity, and ability to get results. Stew continues to be a great resource providing accurate analysis of the employment market, which is invaluable to me both as an employee and as a hiring manager. For any placement or hiring needs, I would definitely turn to PCI for assistance.

Harvey Ahn, Senior Manager, VP Citigroup 



"I had the pleasure of working with Stewart more closely in 2012--even though he has worked with Maverick for many years prior.

He took great care in understanding the skills that we were hiring for and made sure that candidates matched our culture and standards. Stewart is very personable and I felt very in sync with him throughout the process. I was very pleased with the quality of candidates that Stewart presented to us.

I would hire Stewart to assist with my recruiting efforts in the future."

Bert Cohen, Information Technology Manager, Maverick Capital



“I have known Stew Koenig for almost 3 years and I have been a candidate and now a client. When I landed as the Director of Corporate Technology at a $400 million a year media and entertainment company 9 months ago I was facing a huge task. The challenges ranged from reinventing our existing IT organization, beefing up our infrastructure and initiating several large scale multi million dollar business intelligence and web development projects.

I realized early on that I would need several key staff members with different levels of management experience and very different types of technical expertise. Stew’s input was invaluable. He made several suggestions about the organizational structure of the department, scope of responsibility of the positions, adjustments to compensation levels between positions that kept us within budget and would allow us to attract the best possible candidates.

Afterward, I was quickly presented with a list of prescreened candidates that fit the bill. Then PCI stayed on top of all the details and kept the process on track so that we could stay on schedule. We threw several curve balls at Stew and he came up with very innovative solutions for us. Although, PCI saved me a lot of time and effort that allowed me to stay focused on my job, the real value was in the people they found for us. They truly raised the bar and are delivering great results.

Felix Santella, Director of Corporate Technology
Good Times Entertainment Inc.”



"Stew Koenig of PCI placed me as the CTO of the number two pre paid calling card company in the US, with $300 million in annual sales.  Stew knew that that my strengths as a manager exactly suited 9278’s requirements.  Now I count myself among the few who can say that I enjoy coming to work everyday.

Since I arrived at 9278, PCI has conducted a number of searches for us. They do an excellent job, the searches were executed quickly and the candidates always met, and in most cases exceeded our expectations. PCI’s approach is refreshing compared to the other recruiters I have worked with. They are low pressure, trust worthy and very professional." 

Robert M. Marshak Chief Technology Office, 9278 Communication Inc.