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PCI offers its clients a complete spectrum of staffing solutions from Executive Search to a full range of Consulting Services.

Our Information Security Practice delivers advisory services, interim and part time CISO services designed to mature and harden your company’s defenses to meet the challenges posed by today’s increasing hostile work environment.

Our area of expertise is uncovering and delivering top caliber information technologists and Information risk management professionals.











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In a market place where change is constant, top companies must continually seek competitive advantage in every aspect of their business. Whether that advantage takes the form of a new web portal that increases sales and client satisfaction, or an Information Security program that reduces risks to acceptable levels, the key to the solution is always the people who make it happen.

At PCI we recognize that our "value add" is in our ability to identify and help our clients attract the best and the brightest talent available. That is why we make finding the keys to success our focus every day.

Stewart Koenig
Managing Director



Prime Consulting International LLC (PCI) is a minority owned business and we value diversity in the work force. We conduct every search in accordance with current federal and state equal employment opportunity and affirmative action regulations and guidelines.