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PCI’s Information Security Solutions are:

Cost effective



Regulatory Compliant

Reducing risk to acceptable levels

Continually evolving to meet new threats


What the Board of Directors and "C" level Management need to know:

Here are just a few sample questions that the Board of Directors and "C" level Management should be asking of their information security organizations: 

  • Can our company survive a two, three or even 10 day outage of our systems?
  • Do you know what our company’s liability will be if there a material breach or data leak?
  • Does our staff know what to do with suspicious emails?
    Do we know whether we have confidential or private data and where it is stored?
  • Does our staff know what to do if we  have an intrusion or a breach?
  • What evidence do we have that our protective measures are current and adequate?
  • Are our systems, policies and procedures compliant with current regulatory requirements?

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Prime Consulting International LLC's Information Security Advisory Practice delivers the technical expertise your company needs to mature its information security program and make sure it’s in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements. Because of PCI's ability to source leading experts in the Information Security space you can be assured our certified consultants are among the best in the business and able to meet your company’s challenges.

Information Security Services

> Interim Chief Information Security Officer Services

> Cyber-Risk Oversight mentoring for Senior Executives and Board of Directors.

> Provide ongoing enterprise information security management and reporting

> Perform gap analysis of Business processes and Security systems

> Design, build or enhance the information security program

> Develop business appropriate information security policy and procedure

> Assist with selection of applicable cybersecurity products and services

> Provide information security awareness training

> Assure regulatory compliance alignment: (HIPPA, PCI, SOX, NYDFS, ISO 27001-2)

> Third party assessments (facilitating SSAE16, SOC-1,2,3, reviews)

> Incident response planning, coordination and testing

> Penetration testing

> Intrusion detection, analytics, and prevention

> Disaster recovery process planning and testing

> Cyber Liability Insurance review and alignment

> Assist with law enforcement and regulatory inquiries in the event of a breach

> Incident Management (required notifications, liaise with forensic firms)

Propritary Management Reporting Tools

The following is an excerpt from one of our proprietary management reporting tools designed to help management understand and make better decisions about their information security program.